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We hope to bring together Harry Potter fans in the Chicago area.
We're a brand new community hoping to bring together fans from the Chicago area who love Harry Potter. Eventually, if things go well on the community, we hope to have informal gatherings. Hopefully it will include discussion of the books, some costumes, and maybe even trivia nights!

Feel free to pimp the group wherever you'd like, the more people that know about it, the better!

There will be some adult concepts discussed in this group, therefore a statement of age will be required. Please either have your year of birth in your profile or private message us with your birthday. This community is slash, femslash, het, and pretty much everything else friendly.


1.) Be polite. No one wants to come home to a flame in their inbox. If you can't think of a polite way to say what you need to, restrain yourself.

2.) Talk! Don't be a lurker. I'm a teacher and participation gets you points. :)

3.) Tag your entries. It helps us to be able to find things later.

4.) Feel free to discuss Potter-related subjects including fic recs, fanvids, really anything related in some way to Harry Potter. Remember, though, that the main point of the group is to bring local Potter fans together.

5.) Have fun. That's really the point of this whole thing. We want to bring together Harry Potter fans from all over the Chicago area to hang out and share something that is important to us.

6.) Fill out our survey and post it so that you can get to know your fellow group members.

Name or nickname you prefer:
Birthday (Month and Day, year if you would like):
What do you do for a living:
What area of Chicago or the burbs do you live in?

Favorite Harry Potter Character:
Favorite Harry Potter Book:
Favorite Harry Potter Movie:
Favorite Harry Potter Actor:
Favorite book outside the Harry Potter world:
Favorite movie outside the Harry Potter world:

If you had to sort yourself, which house would you be in? (Be honest, not everyone can be Slytherins and Gryffindors):

Complete this sentence: J.K. Rowling should have......
Complete this sentence: The difference between Harry Potter and Severus Snape is....

Do you ship anyone:
Why them:
Any other ships other than your OTP:
Favorite fanfiction writer:
Favorite fanartist: